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08 Jul 2005

Amaya 9.2

One of the headings in the sidebar of this weblog at the moment is called "Powered By...", and it reminded me of a similar heading towards the bottom of the homepage of Dan Connolly. It turns out to be exactly the same, so I'll probably change it to something else, especially since the words are repeated in the blosxom logo below it.

In DanC's Powered By section, he notes as usual that he uses Amaya, but also that he's using a new version of it with an improved interface. I've got quite a list of annoyances with Amaya, so a new version is rather welcome.

So I've downloaded it and I can indeed report that the interface is much improved. The font size is by default much too large, but I suppose that's better than what it usedto be like (much too small), and the actual font itself is much better. It doesn't seem to support unicode as well as Firefox, however, which is quite surprising given that W3C tools are usually very i18n-friendly.

I also found that one of the very first things that I did in the editing window was buggy, so it's obviously not clear of those yet. I put the cursor just after a comma with a space after it (",| ") and did space (", | ") and then backspace but it deleted both the space and the comma. When you bring up a box to add a new link, it doesn't have the focus so you have to click on it.

As a sample of the old bugs, it appears that the superscript display bug has been fixed but the "An anchor cannot contain these elements" bug when creating a link in an address element hasn't. So it's certainly improving, but there's a way to go yet.

Cite: Palmer, S.B. (2005). "Amaya 9.2", in: What Planet is This?
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