Sean B. Palmer

I'm an early modern historian, software developer, and chiffchaff detector.

As of 2014, I'm working on improving computing at every level, especially through learning the lessons of the lisp machines.

If you want to contact me, find me in #sbp on freenode. You can also email me, or tweet me at @sbp.

I'm a resident of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, though that might change with the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum. If it does, then who knows what I'll be a resident of.

On the web, I'm known either for being friends with anti-securocracy people, or for the abandoned shovelware irc bot that I'm still inordinately fond of. I'm trying to replace that with a new python3 bot.

Sometimes I take photographs of the moon. Here is one that I took in 2010 of the craters Clavius and Tycho, through my 6" Newtonian reflector:

[Clavius photo]

I was in the first round of YC startups, 2005, with Aaron Swartz and Simon Carstensen. I will be taking care of Aaron's sites and data, so email me with queries about that. Please note that I cannot currently perform administrative actions, but I can give give advice and answer questions.

Send bitcoins to 1BwceoNkLHCLXs6AXn9mY6qVZ22y9Vzss2

You can buy me useful things if you don't mind using Amazon.

Page updated 14 August 2014