Sean B. Palmer

Sean B. Palmer is a professional historian. He lives and works in the UK. In 2009 he was named Chiffchaff Detector of the Year.

You can contact him by Twitter, or by email.

As well as history, Sean works on open source software. He is known for IRC bots, especially phenny and saxo, and for his git index database parser.

Sean is looking after the services and affairs of his friend Aaron Swartz, who was hounded to his death just prior to the Snowden revelations. Contact Sean with queries about Aaron.

When he asked David Kendal what the best thing he'd ever done is, David replied:

"Almost certainly the best thing you have ever done is the most recent thing you've ever done, which is ask me what the best thing you've ever done is."

As well as history and programming, Sean is a somewhat avid gazer of the stars and occasional photographer. This is a photograph he took of Clavius, one of the craters of the moon:

You can buy him things that he needs, if you like.


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