What Planet is This?

08 Jul 2005


I started to compile a file of notes last night, and I realised that there were quite a few things in those notes that I could've published to a weblog, hence this. I've also been playing with blosxom, so I thought it was a good opportunity to install it here. As ever, tweaking the style takes much longer than all of the rest of the installation, but I'm quite pleased now with this exceedingly minimalistic but clean design.

One of the first things to do is to try to gather up some of the miscoranda posts that I didn't bother publishing because of their low quality and to release them here. I might even experiment with blosxom's future-posts facility so they'll all be released in a trickle rather than a Cowanesque blurt.

I'm glad I installed a version of svn that can handle mtimes, because blosxom relies on them to date the posts. Or stories, as it calls them.

(2005-07-08 21:32)

Cite: Palmer, S.B. (2005). "Welcome", in: What Planet is This?
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