What Planet is This?

09 Jul 2005

Spit and Polish

The inamidst.com servers are in two different American time zones, so I needed to find a way for blosxom to date posts as being in GMT. I found a timezone plugin, but then decided to just add the following code straight into the blosxom.cgi file at the bottom of the configuration file:

# Should I display entries using a different timezone?
$ENV{TZ} = "GMT";

And it works. Next on the agenda was to fix the RSS 1.0 feed, i.e. to make it have a particularly high spiffing factor, but the way to achieve this in blosxom seems to entail using another plugin, not just a flavour as I was hoping. In fact, it'd be possible to use just the flavour if it wasn't for the fact that you need to put a list of items at the beginning, which is handled using an "{{{items}}}" template in the RSS 1.0 plugin. Perhaps I'll just drop the RSS 1.0 feed altogether (it's currently automatically generated by the W3C's XSLT service), and try to use an Atom one.

It would be good if blosxom were able to serve Not Founds on PATH_INFO queries that don't yield any results, but apart from that and the fact that the documentation and plugins registry is rather out of date it's coming along fine. I'm even putting on little flourishes such as the right pointing guillimet in front of the links in the sidebar.

Cite: Palmer, S.B. (2005). "Spit and Polish", in: What Planet is This?
Archival URI: http://inamidst.com/notes/spitandpolish


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