What Planet is This?

08 Jul 2005

Daring King

This weblog currently has a very spartan style, mainly using default colours except for a slight pastelling of the black, the light grey borders, and turquoise or cyan headings.

Taxonomies of colour are always contentious. I had a debate not so long ago about what colour some fabric was. "What colour would you say this is?" "Dunno." "I think it's meant to be pink." "No, it's not pink, nothing like it. I'd say it's a burgundy." "Too light to be burgundy. Mauve?" "No, mauve is purple, this is more like a dusky red." "It's not really red." "Lavender?" "No... Fuschia?" "Ah, yes, fuschia!" It reminded me of that episode of Frasier where Frasier identifies the backs of three colour samples as being Ecruel, Eggshell, and Nolove White.

One of the earlier designs that I tried out entailed attempting to mix the famous background colours of daringfireball and alexking. Daring Fireball has #4a525a as its background and Alex King has #556699, so the average is #4f5c79. Unfortunately, this turns out to be absolutely horrible. I hope that John Gruber and Alex King don't have kids with one another.

Cite: Palmer, S.B. (2005). "Daring King", in: What Planet is This?
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