The Friend


The Friend was a periodical written by Coleridge in 1809 and 1810, spanning twenty-eight issues. It encompassed everything from grand rhetorical orations about politics and history and war, to anecdotes and poems and metaphysical observations.

The Friend was not a great social success, with its impenetrability and demands on the reader, but as a literary work it is an outstanding example of Coleridge's depth and reach.

I'm collecting issues of The Friend online, though it's a bit of a taxing process itself. At least I don't have the same problems as Coleridge; rats at his printer's ate the beginning of one of his essays once. There are three that you can read at the moment:

No. 1. Thursday, 1st June 1809
No. 2. Thursday, 8th June 1809
No. 3. Thursday, 10th August 1809
Sean B. Palmer