Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Coleridge was variously a poet, metaphysicist, pamphleteer, lecturer, lover, administrator, soldier, and “philosopher in a mist”. This site, Coleridge Corner, collects some of his work, including things previously unpublished on the web, with commentary.

The Friend
Coleridge's periodical, in 28 issues from 1809 to 1810

The Ocean
The process of Coleridgean revision in a recurring Ocean note-motif

Ancient Mariner
A typographically accurate reproduction from Sybilline Leaves.

About his seal, and so on

The Brook
A projected poem mentioned in the Biographia Literaria


[Portrait of Coleridge]

Coleridge wrote, self mocking, that his “face, unless when animated by immediate eloquence, expresses great Sloth, & great, indeed almost ideotic, good nature.”

Sean B. Palmer