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Some years ago, Aaron Swartz started a small and relatively unknown site called How to Do Stuff. The idea was that he'd produce a series of articles explaining clearly and straightforwardly how to do stuff on unix. The best article of the series was his one on CVS, which showed just how much of an art form making a tutorial can be.

Sadly, Aaron has yet to produce more than three articles in that series which can go straight into the "good idea for a series but too easily distracted to follow through" page on the Websites Tropes and Idioms Wiki (now there's a good idea for a series), which is something that I tend to do as well. So, in that vein, here are some How To articles that I've been working on and probably won't add to in future:

Hints and Tips



Footnote - How 2

There was also a programme on British television that was popular when I was growing up called How 2. Daniel Biddle reminded me of it recently when he talked about their experiment to see why toast tends to land butter side down (it's because it only has time to make one revolution before it hits the ground). It had Fred Dinenage presenting it. Oddly, he only gets 733 results on Google for his name. Anyway, it was a great show. This page was called "How To!" for a while, until I changed it to "Quick Reference".

Sean B. Palmer, 2006