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Desperately Seeking Chassignite

If anybody has a small fragment of the meteorite that fell near Chassigny, France on 3rd October 1815, please contact me as I'd be very interested in buying. I'm looking for a fragment worth anything up to about $150. Only registered meteorite dealers with accompanying documentation and so forth, please! Even if you only want to sell a microscope slide's worth or something equally tiny, I'd still be interested to buy.

I have a nice piece of lunar troctolitic anorthosite, a small fragment of Dhofar 908 that I found for sale on the web, and it'd be nice to have a bit of Mars, especially one with such awesome history, to round out my collection. I did find an auction for one piece on ebay, but a month after the auction ended, and the seller sadly didn't have any more.

Note that I'm looking for a piece of the first, original Chassignite meteorite specifically, and not of the recent NWA 2737.


Sean B. Palmer, 2007-04-02