Avocet is a structured text language somewhat akin to Markdown or reST, but better of course. It requires Python 2.4 or later to run.

There are also some tests, and here's an example document:

This is a paragraph, with {a link http://example.org/}.

* Lists are done like this.
* You can use + or - for the bullets, too.

{{ Second Level Heading }}

def code(): 
   print "This will automatically be recognised"
   print "as a preformatted section."

Another Second Level Heading

Obviously this document mixes some styles, for demonstration.

> This is one way to do blockquoting.
> It can span multiple lines and only
> the first "> " is required.

This is another way of doing blockquotes.
You can do a nice citation this way.
]]] - {Example http://example.org/}

Avocet also supports footnoting [1].

[1] http://example.org/footnoting

It's easy to achieve indented verse
By ending the last line with three spaces:   

You can also do preformatted sections like this.

It makes it a lot clearer than the automatic method.

You can even use normal XHTML.

For more examples, see the tests.

Sean B. Palmer, inamidst.com