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Fascicle 1
“The Little Rose Book”

Fascicle 6
“The Swiss Lives Book”

Fascicle 7
“The April Day Book”

Fascicle 8
“The Arctic Flower Book”

Fascicle 11
“The Strawberries Grow Book”

Fascicle 14
“The June Bee Book”

Fascicle 15
“The Curious Wine Book”

Fascicle 16

Fascicle 18
(structurally incomplete)

Fascicle 21
“The Gold to Own Book”

Fascicle 25
“The Little Anodynes Book”


“I had no portrait, now, but am small, like the Wren, and my Hair is bold, like the Chestnut Bur – and my eyes, like the Sherry in the Glass, that the Guest leaves – Would this do just as well?”

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Variorum Preface
by R. W. Franklin

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