Semantic Web Guidepost

Introduction: a few quotes, and the SWAP Semantic Web Tutorial. ESW Wiki. Community.

General tools: n3, cwm (@@ fixing CWM...), Tabulator(?). Services:, W3C RDF Validator. dajobe's stuff, redland and triplr. Give examples! (danja's sparqling, DanC validating the Advogato stuff). Services to do: N3 validator.

Making Schemata. "Q: Should I use somebody else's vocabulary of terms or make my own? A: Yes."—BuildOrBuyTerms.

Buy: Searching for prior art. Swoogle, SWSE(?), @@ Onthology etc. Google strategies. RDF Calendar NOTE's descriptive schema construction.

Build: a) Schemakeeping. Use Cool URIs. Hash or Slash? Uppercase Classes, lowercase properties. Use noun rôles for properties. Only model what's useful. "Specifications that define namespaces SHOULD explicitly state their policy with respect to changes in the names defined in that namespace."*; b) Modelling patterns: Interpretation properties. The constraint on members of a list hack. CIFPs. Use owl:Restriction where appropriate. Subclasses of rdf:Statement, and GraphSL. Make a transitive version of a property: "P sub P2. P2 transitive" Confidence in RDF—could EARL benefit from Arnia? Be Lite/DL (tips) (@@ the RSS 1.1 controversy). Handpicked constraints to use from OWL, and examples of where they come in handy. RDF Makefile, cf. HTML-embedding GRDDL; @@ sidestepping using CGI?

Check it: Pellet, validate.n3, rdflint (@@ update validate.n3/rdflint!). The 500 thing danja linked. To do: Plan3 species checker.

Document it: Schemadoc (@@ ontdoc), danbri's vocab status terms (and schemadoc for that...) and any others?, circles and nodes. EARL Model Primer. hSchema and serialise using trio?

Vocabs existing: DC (classes).

Vocabs needed: inverse for subClassOf, CIFP; GraphSL 2.0. Graphviz's dot? Namespace policy, management, upkeep. Schema validation. Plan3. Units. Meteo. Biblio. RDF make. Genealogy (cf. FreeCEN). Unifying test case data. Unicode extensions...

Using Instances. The Process -> Query -> Template workflow. And associated problems... (See my #swig template survey, Fresnel, RDF Path stuff; cf. RDF XSLT stuff, Trix, r3x). What kind of document is this? Shades of FOAF and DOAP. Templating is serialising without formal completeness.

Where should you store data? TimBL's idea. Better approach? Fix GRDDL! (Cf. #swhack). Microsyntaxes (for authoring, not interchange)?

Store lots of data... Talis and Virtuoso.

Instance data we could do with: meteorological. Train times. Programme information.

Benefits and use. Morten's waypoints awesomeness (and ndw's). FOAFQ/FOAFCite.

Use cases to do: marking up tutorial lists with Review data from revyu. Using the BBC backstage SPARQL datapoint (rats, rotted!); or bleb xml(microschema)-to-rdf? Last train home to catch the Simpsons? Astronomy predictions. Directory listings—writeup? Will-o'-the-wisp + bfg? BFGs in Plan3? Cf. microsyntaxes.

My CWM utilities: dbslurp, diff (needed to check what was wrong with the standalone [use case], etc. Test rdflib and my standalone RDF/XML parser and give results in EARL?

Ooh, use SPARQL etc. to get into planetrdf? [use case]

CIFP extensibility [use case]

hSchema, hFOAF...

JSON data: Yahoo!, Geonames, Google (about; Calendar, Base, Blogger), MS RSS to JSON, Yahoo! Stock, Flickr.

Sean B. Palmer,