Wikke is a 3 line 206 character Wiki Clone in PHP, JavaScript, and Bash. It was written for a Shortest Wiki Contest by Jim Ley, Sean B. Palmer, and Adam Wendt, with help from Charles Goodier, Adam Bregenzer, and Daniel Biddle.

Wikke uses HTTP PUT to submit posts, which both Mozilla and IE support. The main version of Wikke is for Mozilla, but we've also made available a version for Win32 Internet Explorer, which is actually a little shorter at 199 characters.


How to use:

To install:

The team effort spanned many hours of discussion, and we noticed a number of issues along the way:

The original sources were lost since Adam's box got hacked, but thankfully I was able to retrieve wikke-ie from the Swhack logs and wikke from the #svg logs, and a couple of years later Adam found the PUT handler so all of the code has been recovered.

Etymology: From Webster's (1913): Wikke \Wik"ke\, a. Wicked. [Obs.] —Chaucer.


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Sean B. Palmer