nftp - A Python FTP Client

nftp is a command-line FTP client that allows you to easily synchronise local and remote directories using FTP. It's written in Python and released under a GPL 2 license.

Download: the source is available as (5911 bytes, md5: e27d916c8933cc9fa5aa39ad1de737df). That's the only file you need to run the program, but you also have to write a ~/.nftprc file to set up your accounts. There's an example .nftprc for you to copy and change to use your own settings.

Uploading a file is then a simple matter of $ nftp account /path/filename. You can include, for example, a -c 755 flag to chmod the file, or a -d to delete it. Using -g will get a file from the server and save it locally, and -u will update the file in each repository to the most recent (mtime) version.


usage: [options] <name> <path>


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