Anomalous Lightform Images

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agerussia birtplato cook egryn01 egryn02 egryn03 egryn04 egryn05 egryn06 egryn07 euphcanyon flammarion foxmcadam hartwig-ball hartwig-stelmo kiepert kimyo-old kimyo kimyoeql logo marfasign min-min-hotel mochras-areas mochras-geology-small mochras-geology mochras-places mudie naga-fireballs-1 naga-fireballs-2 oldhall patolog peru1 peru2 peru3 selobs01 selobs02 selobs03 soetscreen sparlin spookcover spookletview tristatemap tuvpo-1 tuvpo-2 tuvpo-3 tuvpo-4 tuvpo-5 tuvpo-eql

Rights & Credits


The images marked "Public domain" may be used by anyone for any purpose. Those marked with "CC", i.e. Creative Commons, licenses allow people to use them as long as they abide by certain constraints, usually including attribution: see the Creative Commons website for further details. Those marked as "Fair use" are still fully copyrighted to their owners, but may be legally used in certain contexts, for example the context in which they appear on this website. Those marked as being "Copyright" to some individual or organisation are under full copyright and only used here with the explicit permission of the copyright holder.

Even for those images which are freely usable, it is good academic practice to provide all the source information that you have about the image, wherever possible.


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