Mysterylights Group Message 0430

Subject: Re: James Motley's Notes to the Canwyll Corph
From: "jp_hailey" <jp_hailey@...>
Date: 22 Mar 2007 14:19

--- In, "Sean B. Palmer" <sean@...> 
> There was apparently a valley containing a tributary of the Rhondda
> fawr in Monmouthshire/Glamorgan which was well known for the Goblin
> fire, getting it the name "the Valley of glooms or spirits". It might
> be nice to attempt to locate this on a map.
I live about 25 miles from the general Rhondda area, its too long a 
main river to know which tributary he refers too... there's a major 
geological fault listed called the Dinas Fault, and the Rhondda is of 
course a coal area... so maybe plenty of gases

The reference to 'glooms' seems a common desription of land, due to 
poems of the time or common English usage...

...maybe I'll contact the local museums see if they know of Valley of 
the Glooms..


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