Mysterylights Group Message 0418

Subject: Five New Anomalous Lights Articles
From: "Sean B. Palmer" <sean@...>
Date: 30 Oct 2006 11:10

- Will-o'-the-Wisp Archives

Seventeen transcriptions of old ignis fatuus reports from various
sources, mostly 19th century journals. At nearly 20,000 words and
growing, there's a great deal of interesting information here.

- Lights in the Taurus Mountains

Basically just a couple of reports from the Monthly Weather Review of
1900 by Ellsworth Huntington about mountains exchanging balls of
lights in modern day Turkey, along with a bit of investigative work to
track down the present day location and see how the landscape has changed.

- The Hornet Spooklight

A brief write-up of the Hornet spooklight, with a decent map of the
area, and some other general observations.

- Spooklight Sites in America

Quick start to what will most likely turn out to be a bottomless time
sink: attempting to enumerate all of the spooklight sites in the
United States and Canada, providing information as to whereabouts,
names, and links to other information that can be garnered on the web.

- Anomalous Lightform Images

All of the images that I use in one place, with a list of licensing
information for those who wish to reuse some of the images. Quite nice
to be able to see the whole panoply of images all at once.

I've also made plenty of minor changes to the site: the style has been
completely updated, there are some new images to illustrate these new
articles, the navigation has been improved, and I've changed some of
the text of the existing articles; the St. Elmo's Fire page has a
couple of significantly large transcriptions on it, for example.

I've also put up some better group archives at with a nice Javascript-filterable
list of messages for easy searching. Hopefully that should make posts
easier to find on Google &c.

You can check out for a list of the diffs
and so forth. If you have any comments on the new layout or content,
I'd love to hear it.


Sean B. Palmer

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