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Subject: Re: Luminous Phenomena: an International
From: Edoardo Russo <e.russo@...>
Date: 30 Oct 2006 09:33

Ciao Sean

At 11.34 28/10/2006, Sean B. Palmer wrote:

>I've tried ordering my copy, but for some reason there was a problem
>with the payment (the credit card site gave me "ERRORE GENERALE S."
>first, and then "MID/OID DUPLICATI IN RICHIESTA!"; both of which seem
>fairly self explanatory), so I guess I'll wait a day or two before
>trying again. Suggestions on what to do are most welcome, though.

I asked Upiar Publications, but they say your order came in well as 
well and its payment, so don't repeat it!

>I guess that this is an expansion of the classic bibliography at

The first chapter by G. Stilo & R. Labanti is an updated and much 
enlarged version of that older bibliography. The second chapter is 
about Hessdalen, though, and the third one (by M. Silvestri) is an 
updated/enlarge version of yet another bibliography about EQL.

>You might want to link to the
>new booklet from that site, noting that it has three and a half times
>as much material.

I guess they're going to do that.

>Does the new booklet have an ISBN number?

No, it hasn't.

Thanks for your comments and best regards.

Edoardo Russo
Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici
CISU, Casella postale 82, 10100 Torino
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