Mysterylights Group Message 0413

Subject: Humble Request for Images
From: "Sean B. Palmer" <sean@...>
Date: 26 Oct 2006 11:59

Hi everyone,

In recovering from an injury, I've had a little time recently to work
on some more content for, including an article on
lights in the Taurus Mountains, lots of Will-o'-the-wisp report
transcriptions, some more information about the Hornet Spooklight, and
a general redesign of the whole site. I'll be publishing it within a
few days, I hope.

One thing I'm missing, however, is an image that I can use to
illustrate my main article on earth lights. I'm using creative
commons, public domain, and fair use images, and given the relative
rarity of the phenomenon, it's rather hard to get decent images to use.

Does anyone have an image related to earth lights that they'd allow me
to use, with credit, on this article? See for where it would appear. At the
moment I've got the grainy scan of Orrick Sparlin's Hornet Spooklight
image there, but it's not really all that colourful or exciting.

Feel free to respond either to the list, or to me directly at sean
-at- miscoranda -dot- com if you have any offers.


Sean B. Palmer

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