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Subject: UFO GOLDEN LIGHT LECTURE in the Stargate/Crystal Portal of Arkansas
From: "cmdrlyur" <cptnlyur@...>
Date: 28 Jun 2006 21:43

UFO GOLDEN LIGHT LECTURE in the Stargate/Crystal Portal of Arkansas
With International Speaker and Author
6 to 8 PM, C.S.T. Saturday, July 1st
The Center of Light
2038 Central Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71901
Call (501) 624-1001 for Reservations or Toll Free 866-724-1001
JEAN MICHEL has authored 5 books about the Spiritual Program of the
Star Brothers.
As part of his lecture he will present a slide show.
Come early ! Refreshments will be served before the lecture,
during the break and after the presentation.
The Center of Light is also the home of Out Of Time Radio where
Cmdr.Lyur is Speaker:
Huge motherships have been recently photographed over Hot Springs,
Cmdr.Lyur had himself several contacts in the Arkansas
Stargate/Crystal Portal, see one of the pictures of a starship here,
taken in February 2003 :
A regular class of Golden Lightwork will be settled during the lecture
on July 1st, this class will take place in the Stargate/Crystal Portal
of Arkansas, classes will be held mostly in situ, in the various
vortexes and points of contacts of the Stargate/Crystal Portal.
The purpose is to activate 5th Dimensional Pockets on the ground, with
supervision of the Fleet, as well as within the participants with
regard to the ascension of this planet and people who will chose to
follow her. The Stargate/Crystal Portal is explained here in this page :
For star people and children of Light too far out of state or
overseas, it could be possible to follow this class via Videos or
DVDs, if interested please contact :
For more information about the Program of the Golden Light Fleet
please visit :

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