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Subject: Message from Ashtar (a REAL one)
From: "cmdrlyur" <cptnlyur@...>
Date: 26 Jun 2006 22:14

Message from Ashtar (a REAL one)
At a time where 99% of channels and 99% of the New Age have been
infiltrated by the forces mentioned in this text from Ashtar below,
It is important to read this message again, from the time where
channelings were still genuine. I knew Tom Smith, he was a real
channel, he even sent me all his material saying to me that I could
use it all as I saw fit, which speaks volumes of his integrity. You
will find this message different from the New Age vintage of today,
where they are loaded with words of love and light in almost every
line, and sugar coated with heavy fake syrup. This is below how our
space brothers speak, straight to the point, without convolutions.
I have mentioned again on Out of Time Radio on June 12,2006 that there
is a big problem with the existence of an orbiting computer faking the
Ashtar command, manned by the Reptilians and sending fake channelings
using all our knowledge and words, with an invisible underlain plan of
the dark side implanted in words of love and light, and that these
so-called telepathic messages are gulped like artificial ice cream by
most of New Age people and self-proclaimed channels, happy to have
such an ample supply everyday, 24/7.
It is not because big names are signed at the end of a text, that the
information is coming from our space brothers and sisters.
Rumors of first contact are on the increase and giant motherships have
been spotted in the skies, it is important to know who is out there
and who has interests with an official announcement by rulers of the
Golden Love and Light
PS. I will speak again on Out of Time Radio Monday June 26, 8 PM C.S.T.

Channelings From Ashtar Of The Ashtar C.mmand
Telepathic Communications - To Tom H. Smith, Louisville, Ky.

The Dark Forces In ------ and The Coming Of The Reptilian's
October 12, 1992

"It is not our intent now or ever to put down any individual or
organization, including gov------ts. We recognize organizations are
generally a reflection of the individual members' beliefs. But this
does not mean that we concur with the direction being taken. When the
direction pursued is detrimental to the Earth, then we become even more
concerned, as this beautiful energy has asked for our assistance.

I have spoken some about your go------ent's involvement with the
forces of the dark side. Most in your gov-----ent do not have any
direct connections to these negative types. At the same time, most do
support the actions of your go------t since they have agreed to be
part of it - most but not all.

There are several organizations who are very directly involved
in a way that may have an impact on your future as free citizens. Why
do we tell you this? As with all the other things, so you can be aware
and prepare yourself for the different choices you will have. Of course
one of these is to utilize your mass consciousness to change whatever
you deem appropriate.

So each and all have decisions to make as to which direction to take.
Many are, in fact, on the Earth to continue the present course of
(current society) dominance and interference. These people have made
the b.g b..ther issues very attractive and almost necessary for your
safety and even your existence. Others are here to grow and develop in
an appropriate manner for themselves. Yet most of these have been
influenced by those whose intent is to control...."

..."I started to tell you of certain ag----s and departments within
your go-------nt whose positions are in concert with the dark forces we
have mentioned in previous channelings.
It is through these kinds of s.cret organizations that (rulers are)
working with the dark forces in several capacities. They have been
engaged in control exercises of foreign g....ernments as well as
against certain elements of your society. These all come under the
general heading of "nat--nal sec--ity". Some have also been working
with the "alien existences" to gain strong influence over the people...."

"...The negative ET's have "agreements" with (rulers) This we have
already told you. These so called agreements are not worth the paper
they have been written on, if the negatives choose otherwise. 
(NOTE from CMDR : a disclosure has been made on the Web about
transcripts of meetings between leaders of Earth and the Galactic
Federation. These were the Galactic Federation of Darkness, the
agreements were those spoken here by Ashtar, and NEVER our Fleet was
represented in those meetings. Our Fleet did contact the rulers long
before and were rebuffed each and every time=85)
Initially, the agreements were very specific.
But over time they have been redrafted to allow more and more free
intervention by the negative ET's. Of course the tradeoff was for
we.pons. But what has happened is the almost total control by the
negative ET's. It is so convincing, that the agreements
mean very little as the dark forces could proceed as they wish,
anytime they feel it appropriate. Only a positive, loving collective
consciousness can stop their plan.

I have already told of the Earth changes, at least in a general way.
These are the major reasons for the relative immediacy of actions to be
taken.(Rulers) have agreed to allow certain Reptilian type beings the
total freedom over the citizens of ..... all nations they
choose, without any real interference. These Reptilian ET's have
control over certain ET's from the dark side of the Orion planets.
Many refer to them as Greys. These are the primary beings doing the
experiments on your species, as well as abductions. There are three
other groups of extraterrestrials who are doing this as well, but the
Orion Grays are the major group and have been for some time.
Understand this =96 these negative ET's from Orion are in the minority
as for as ET's from Orion. By and large (most) planets are occupied by
benevolent, loving space friends who wish only to help the Earth and

It is the negatives from the Orion group your rulers have bodies of as
well as craft. Nothing is impossible, but we are far too advanced to
crash our crafts into the Earth. We do not wish harm to any energy,
only love. The negative ET's craft do not compare in any favorable way
to what we can manifest. From an evolutionary perspective, we are
"light years" ahead.
They are powerful, do not doubt this for an instant. But they have
placed limitations on their love development. Consequently, their
entire existence is limited. But we do not use force of any kind. We
are love and therefore believe in the laws of balance as specified by
the One Creator.

I now return to the potential evolvement of certain circumstances. The
Reptilian's, or Lizards as some may view them, are of a very high, but
negative vibration. If you doubt their power, look around you and you
will see how forceful and ingenious they are. Religion, materialism,
control - all of these they have been very subtly introduced to this
These are what have allowed them to make such inroads with the human.
Their power is to be respected but NOT feared. This is most important.
THEY THRIVE ON FEAR AND INTIMIDATION. They know all the angles, for
they have probably created them as toys for humanity.

The Lizards will not appear to be forcing themselves on you. They are
masters of deception. They will seem to come to help you. We have
mentioned this in an earlier channeling. They prefer to win you over.
If they use force, at least initially, too many people will
immediately see through their facade. They are seeking the same kind
of mind control over each individual as they have over those in
(situation of power), and even their subordinate ET's (the Gray's). It
is up to each person to allow this to happen. Just going along with
things is as much m.nd control as direct control. There is really no

"...At the same time there will be certain "natural disasters" that
create certain needs. These disasters will be caused by the powerful
negative forces. Also there will be an ET alert. The focus will be on
the "non loving" ones.
As allegiance to the ET "saviors" is gained, your leaders will
become less and less involved, as the negatives begin to exert total
control. At the same time they will continue to make you believe they
are your friends and still working with your leaders.

"... If each of you will be able to set aside your own personal fears
and other emotions, you can easily realize that whatever is happening
through your leaders or the Lizard leaders, is not in your best
interest, unless you are also from the dark side.

After all the "dust settles", you will be advised as to the real
reasons for the negative ET appearance. You will be told of certain
pending and inevitable doomsday occurrences that will more than likely
destroy your planet Earth and everything on it. The picture you will
be painted will be one that leaves you no recourse. But their sales
job will not be complete yet. You will be told how advanced they are
and how you can be part of that process on distant planets. They will
take some volunteers to view these beautiful planets and their golden
cities. Whoever is witness to these places will be overcome by the
beauty and peacefulness. Many others will also have views of these
unbelievable cities and countryside. This is all yours, you will be
told, along with the advanced technology to support them. You will
then be asked and expected to agree to leave at the appropriate time.
All while they are communicating these things to you, you
will be subjected to the most advanced form of mind control you could
imagine. Once you have agreed to their offers, you will then be
processed to prepare you for passage. The actual passage will be some
time off for most, as you will need to prepare yourself mentally,
physically and "spiritually". In fact what you will be doing is
allowing the negatives to assert their control over you. For there are
no golden cities to be transported to. What many will have witnessed
are the masterful use of holograms to create illusions of truth for
those seeking them. Each who agrees to the negative ET's offers will
find themselves taken through a process somewhat like meditation. Only
you will be opening yourself up to the direct control techniques of
those from the dark side. There will be some to recognize what is
happening and they will resist. These will be isolated if caught so as
to not alarm the others. Your leaders will be using intimidation to
assure that each is a participant.

Once you have completely submitted to their control, whether on the
Earth before you leave, or somewhere in space, there is no turning
back for you. Most will not even recognize the need to turn back, at least
initially. For some it will not take long to recognize your
predicament. Some will be subjected to physical experiments, ranging
from organ transplanting to impregnation and child birthing. Many will
actually transition from the experiments as they are traumatized so
extensively. As gruesome as it may sound, many will become a form of
human sacrifice. Many, many more will be forced into labor camps, both
on the Earth and on distant planets. All who choose to be with the
Reptilian's will be pressed into some type of service, or directly
USED. You will no longer be a unique being, but will
become a toy and slave of those you so trusted. There will be
absolutely no escape for you in this lifetime, especially once you
have been taken to the "golden cities". Only when you make your
transition, will you be free.
(NOTE from CMDR : I consider this as a real channeling from Ashtar =96
there are basically no such today any more =96 and a good vintage of the
past in the range of the ratio that I accept : 85% from the real being
speaking and only 15% from the own mind of the channel. These figures
are not only reversed today, but in the rare cases there would be a
channeling, the ratio would be in the best cases less than 15 % from a
real being and over 85% from the mind of the supposed channel, which
makes any text not worthy of any publishing. I can say this because I
am in close contact the real Fleet of the real Ashtar. Now on that
quote about being free from bondage from Reptilians after transition
of the body/soul, an important distinction should be now made : this
would apply only to star people, that is beings who have come FROM the
5th dimension, and return there directly in case of death. To learn
about the star people, please visit my website, and check if you are a
star people by reading the following page :
See page Galactic Readings in my website : 
Regarding humans on Earth who have not yet (unlike the star people)
made their ascension in a previous life, the Reptilians with the
technology of their servants Greys, have the abilities to follow the
soul signature of their slaves even after they die, and will find them
in the next incarnation, to claim them again. This is done with
implants on the lightbody, implants that cannot be removed for such
beings in the 3rd and 4th dimensional bands. This is why it is
important at this time to know if you are a star people or not. Please
on this subject read my articles on Protection and Implants in the
archives of my lists of News (membership is free) :
I am available to respond any question you may have at
In the case of the famous planned physical implant under the skin
which is fully ready now and of Greys technology, not only it will
imprint on the mind/body, but also on the spirit/soul level)
"Many of the leaders, particularly those of the dark focus, will
be elevated within the ranks of the negative ET's. Others will become
slaves themselves when they are no longer needed. There is no "code of
honor" among the Reptilian's. They only recognize power and the
ability to create fear in others.

I have left out many more details. One very important truth to
remember is that each has a choice, or choices, now and then. What you
choose will contribute to your reality. WE are a choice for you. We
come in love and offer love. We do not expect anything from you. We
will help only if asked we are asked to. This [asked not forced] alone
will be difficult for many to comprehend, as you have been taught so
well to force your views and beliefs on others, especially when you
know it is for their own good. To those who follow these truths, true
discernment will be most difficult.

I will continue at another time to tell you more about your options
for us. There are Light workers among you who will provide you with
guidance, if you wish to listen to them. I will tell you other things
concerning the negative ET's, but mostly I will tell you of our love.
I leave in love for each of you and for the God Source of us all.
Ashtar, Of The Ashtar Command
For more information on the real Fleet of the real Ashtar, please
visit these websites :
****** it is permitted to forward this text, but keep it uncut with
references. Tks. ******************

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