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Subject: Re: Alabama Earthlights (revisited) -response
From: Aaron Cox <wyattknows@...>
Date: 10 Apr 2006 18:49


I first learned about these Earthlights back in 1977
when a friend's mother told me and another friend that
she had seen some unfamilar lights near her house. 

From that time to early 1982, my friend and I began
watching these Earthlights. We interviewed many
witnesses and narrowed down the best sighting areas. 
All total my friend and I (Greg) was "in the field"
approx. 150 times. We have seen approx. 200

Some nights we did not see any Earthlights and some
nights we saw up to four. We took many time-expouser
photos of these Earthlights.

The closet we got to an Earthlight was about 1/4 mile.
Most are we suspect about 1/2 -1 mile away.

We have interviewed witnesses who also were within 1/4
mile or closer. We have recently narrowed down an area
which gives us the best view. Fortunately, the owners
of the property has given Greg and I an "open
invitation" to use their property -for they on
numerous occassions go to this field to view the

We have a detailed log of our sightings and we have
discerned some specific patterns about these
Earthlights. For example, they do not seem to be
actually a sphere of light but more of semi-glob of
plasma which is actually in two section. There is the
main body of the Light and there is a smaller less
defined orb in 1-3 feet in front of it and is attached
to the main body. We have even seen this smaller orb
fall away from the main body.

The intensity of the lights flucuates, but has an
average intensity so that its flucuations are no
always seen by the naked eye.

Another possible coincidence is that if a straigt line
is drawn from Marfa, TX to the Brown Mount. lights,
this line will go through the sighting area in

Any way, I would be glad to provide more info. I can
scan some photos and send them to you, as well as ac
opy of our journal, and our video we made earier this
year. Maybe a phone call would also be a good idea. 

wyatt cox

--- sean_b_palmer <sean@...> wrote:

> On Thu Apr 6, 2006 2:05 am, Wyatt Cox wrote: 
> > Most of them are large and bright orange. The
> average
> > sighting lasts from 1-3 munutes. On a "good"
> night
> > two or three Earthlighs will be seen.
> Roughly how far away from the lights were you, on
> average, when you
> saw them? What's the closest that you managed to get
> to them?
> As I say, the more details that you can provide, the
> better. Please
> don't be afraid to send a single extremely long
> email to the list, for
> example, detailing everything that you know about
> them. I've always
> found it a bit frustrating not really living close
> to any area where
> there have been long-term confirmed earth light
> reports, and try to
> exhort people who do have such an opportunity to
> make the most of it
> and record and share as much data about it as they
> can!
> I realise, of course, however, that people are
> limited by time,
> resources, and volition. If you'd like, I could
> prepare a large list
> of questions for you that you could then answer one
> by one--perhaps
> that would be helpful to enable you to remember
> aspects of the lights
> that you'd forgotten about or overlooked?
> > Any way, I have more info, if interested.
> Very much so!
> Cheers,
> -- 
> Sean B. Palmer,
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