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Subject: Re: Hi guys and Wiltshire
From: "jp_hailey" <jp_hailey@...>
Date: 08 Apr 2006 20:52

--- In, "sean_b_palmer" <sean@...> 
> I didn't know about Nevern, unless that's connected with all the
> nearby St. Bride's Bay activity. I've only been able to find a 
> of things online about anomalous lights seen at Nevern: 

Hi sean
I'm guessing the name is Nervern,- whichever church it is, I'm not 
100% sure!
But (mumble...) I think it is Nevern, it has a very ancient large 
stone celtic cross, loads of really massive yew trees, its a 
very 'old' site, and there's the megalith south of it a few miles.
It probably was leyhunter that mentioned it.. I'm remembering back at 
least several decades. Indeed, I remember the mental association of 
floating lights just as you indicated. 

> > I seem to remember Egryn (the 'fault' of Deveraux fame) 
> > was early 1920's mostly
> From "December 1904 to July 1905", says Devereux (ELR, p.64).
> > and when I went past 2 years ago someone had bought the 
> > chapel to live in, and a builder was renovating it.
> Ooh, interesting. That's the Egryn Chapel, right, not the church at
> Llanfair? Funny how alike those two chapels look. That'd be a nice
> acquisition for a seriously devoted earth lights researcher.
I know :) the chapel is not more than bungalow size, no shops, but a 
bus stop by it, and its on its own nearly in the middle of nowhere. 
> > Its not Wales thats not interesting, its Wiltshire that's more 
> > interesting, mainly because I used to see 'lights' relatively
> > frequently
> Whereabouts?
Pewsey Vale - look it up, its south of Avebury about 6 miles. Anyone 
going please let me know. I'll try to be there :)

Coincidentally Eastfield, the worlds most cropcircled field is right 
there. But you have also sometimes have to contend with Salisbury 
plain to the South, one gets very good at knowing what flares look 
like.. and yes you can often see the support strings with 
binoculars... unless its a ufo of course...

I always end up doing this...see
go to (button) research list, click on Morse, it will have a pic at 
the top showing the hills people usually sit on... and btw the 
tapedeck in the adjacent pic still exists in my shed, full of 
spiders. Now you see why I fret about Wiltshire. 12 years since I 
wanted to head up there permanently... chalk is 'good for doing 
magic' as Dionne Fortune said in a book.. certainly it seems to be a 
good area for lights and I have fond memories of the bizarre --->

> variant: "nature, if sufficiently bizarre, appears to be magic".
I agree completely. I love it, stuff that one cannot quite understand.

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