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Subject: Spirit Lights, Missouri
From: "david clarke" <david@...>
Date: 8 Apr 2006 10:39

The Two Worlds (London), December 17, 1955

Calling all cars - This is a spirit light area

On Missouri highway No 43, where the Missouri-
Oklahoma state line road intersects, there is a red
lettered placard on a large tree. It reads: SPIRIT

It is a secluded spot, where, writes a Kansas Star
reporter "etheric night-time occurrences have been
going on for 50 years."

The "spirit light" is attracting a growing number of
visitors - as many as 40 cars in a single night. It is
a "lovers lane" setting, declares the reporter, 
"where youths bring their girl friends, and married
couples with their children park to watch the

Here is his description of the light as he saw it:
"It's white, luminescent - the size of a baseball
...are the eyes playing tricks? We blink and look
again. The glow is still there, and brighter.

"Now it widens, takes the shape of a football, 
glows brighter, turns from white to yellow,
dazzles the eyes and - whoof! - it's gone."

An engineer, Richard Y. Jones, who has
investigated the light, told the reporter: "It's car

But Ted Bethea, a lawyer, and Paul Kelly,
accountant, said people in the area remembered
seeing the light back in the early 1900s when
motor cars were virtually non-existent.

Fifty-five year old Lloyd Bilke declared: 'That
lightwas here before the days of autombiles,
and I don't know what it is, but it's not car

F.W. Mizer, a former member of the board of
education, now a 69-year-old farmer, told the
story of "the first spirit light that was ever seen
around here." In 1903 a widow who lived by 
herself on the state line road said she had seen
strange lights.

Mizer, with friends, went one night to investigate.
They were sitting outside the widow's house,
when: "All of a sudden a great big ball of lights
rose up out of the field to the southeast. We all
saw it at the same time. It bobbed around for a
while, then went away."

Mizer went to the field - "there she rose up, right
in front of us, a big ball of light, 20 ft across, and
it lit up the tops of the grass around us."

The light floated around for a minute or two and
then disappeared.

A photograph of the "spirit light" taken by the
reporter, appeared in the Kansas Star.

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