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Subject: Re: Hi guys and Wiltshire
From: "Paul Hailey" <p.hailey@...>
Date: 8 Apr 2006 00:06

Hey Sean, 
yes there are earthlight traditions in Wales, I think its
at Nevern, and at Egryn. I seem to remember Egryn (the 'fault' of Deveraux fame)
was early 1920's mostly, and when I went past 2 years ago 
someone had bought the chapel to live in, and a builder was renovating it.

Its not Wales thats not interesting, its Wiltshire that's more interesting,
mainly because I used to see 'lights' relatively frequently, not to be confused
with cropcircles makers torches, flares or black helicopters :) et al..

Its so difficult to know what someone else saw, photo's are enigmatic
and even the video of a light or object wafting across a cropcircle in daylight ten feet above [...]
(Barbury Castle footage)
does not allow much analysis of light quality, shape and so on. I watched that 
video still in the camera, the original cassette, on the day it was taken in Wiltshire, I know [...]
(unless my ufo-hunting friend is not as trustable as he otherwise appears over some years!)

But I got far more info from seeing a couple of earth lights relatively close,
than from any video or photo. Hence my disagreement with Startrek about whether
the (alleged) rules of science can be broken.

I mean, a light going up to the clouds and back to near ground about 4 times,
in early morning daylight, within half a mile, is not a flare or other human activity.

On the other hand, Tom Graves the dowser said that technology, if sufficiently advanced,
appears to be magic.

Lights I've seen are probably quasi sentient, that's my interest really,
because either they are remotely driven from planet zog, or there's a small green guy inside,
or they are a type of light manifestation with marginal awareness, wot I never knew about.

I prefer the last answer mixed with a bit of myth and legend. For instance, group
meditation on Herne the Hunter years back produced a few far off tiny lights (by coincidence?)
but a very unusual mid air horn blaring away, which was recordable, and a shaman singing
for some minutes (without physical body). 

I heard both, but the laws of physics say no. Others heard the things as well, the horn was rec[...]
the horn was as loud as a real hunting horn and apparently only 30 feet or so away..

Herne the Hunter was chosen by the group leader because of the legend of him riding
through the sky (looking for children to kidnap?) accompanied by (earth)lights.

Thats what interests me... the age old link between humans and the phenomena.. and the physical
reality of phenomena not accountable for by ordinary science theory.

And btw, the area I was in is at least 500 feet of chalk, with a thin layer of greensand
which varies across the valley. There is therefore no stressed fault near the surface, no quartz
element except a few flints, and precious little reason to assume that the things originate fro[...]

Should we say earthlights having nothing in common whatsoever with disembodied voices
or other so called psychic phenomenon? 

Lights higher in the sky are more easily 
assumed to be trad ufo's, but local ones you can see what they are, (lights!) but then still have no
good way of determining their physical nature.

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From: sean_b_palmer 
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Subject: [mysterylights] Re: Hi guys and Wiltshire

Greetings, Paul! I hope you're keeping well.

> Anyone aiming for Wiltshire to live? Ultimately I'd just drop 
> everything and go (I'm in Wales...) for a mad but more interesting 
> life.

Are there no mad and interesting things to do in Wales? If you're
looking for earth lights history, you've got Egryn and Pembrokeshire
right there! (Okay, I realise it's a big country...)


Sean B. Palmer,


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