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Subject: Re: Croxteth, Liverpool, UK Earth Light
From: "sean_b_palmer" <sean@...>
Date: 07 Apr 2006 20:30

On Fri Apr 7, 2006 12:11 am, Bill Bimson wrote: 

> I had assumed that a flare would have drifted down much further 
> over a period of 3 minutes.

But the arc distance would depend on the distance of the flare from
the viewer. When you first showed me the report, I did some cursory
research into the maximum duration of a parachute flares, and I found
that some can last for at least five minutes.

If flares were of a consistent luminousity and drop rate, we could
possibly calculate the expected arc distance in the time given, but
they aren't so we can't.

> The witnesses also describe it as rotating because of the 
> variability and that includes those who were not looking 
> through the viewfinder.

Fair enough.

> In 1) above, please tell me where to submit. This would be 
> applicable to other UFO reports I have!

Actually, I was hoping that this was something that you could tell me!
Google yields a low signal to noise ratio on the subject, so I'd need
to defer to someone with more expertise and experience in the field.

(I'd also like to know for my own benefit. I often get sightings
reported to me by virtue of the nature of the site that I run.)

> In 2) above, it is probably not safe to do so. The particular 
> area has a problem with drugs and I wouldn't be happy roaming 
> the area with expensive equipment at nighttime and slightly 
> nervous during the daytime.

Oh, I'm sad to hear that. At least with amateur astronomy you can pick
any area to do your observations; though the problem there is usually
light pollution...

> A more practical solution is for me to send you a CD or DVD of the 
> footage but I would need your snail mail address for that. Feel 
> free to contact me off-list if you prefer on billbimson1@... with
> your address.

That would be lovely! I've sent you my snail mail address in an email
as directed.


Sean B. Palmer,

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