Mysterylights Group Message 0393

Subject: Hi guys and Wiltshire
From: "Paul Hailey" <p.hailey@...>
Date: 7 Apr 2006 12:04

Hi I've been seeing the amazing upsurge in posts, whats triggered all this!

For anyone in the UK, I still ideally would like to live in Wiltshire see/ interact with
what goes on (ufo's! oops.. mystery lights) e.g Pewsey Vale

Anyone aiming for Wiltshire to live? Ultimately I'd just drop everything and go
(I'm in Wales...) for a mad but more interesting life.

The prob has always been house prices, I need others mad enough to
do their dream, I know its not easy though..

Re the lights, they are indeed a pointer to mystery, fascinating, and having seen a few
I'm still interested! Startrek used to comment on the Laws of Physics, I've seen them broken an[...]


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