Mysterylights Group Message 0391

Subject: Getting back
From: "david clarke" <david@...>
Date: 7 Apr 2006 09:26

Hi Sean/list

This is fourth attempt to post a message to this list - all the others
having failed or bounced back as undeliverable.
Just to let you know that I'm definitely still interested in pursuing 
further work on mystery lights - and in conducting fieldwork where 
I'm now working on a book, as sort of updated Spooklights,
written in a folkloric context, which will look at selected case
studies in the UK, Americas and elsewhere.
Hopefully this will be published towards the end of next year
by Anomalist Books in the US.
As several members of the UFOlogyinuk forum have
expressed an interest in this area I suggested they subscribe
and take part in more detailed discussions here (providing
they can post!)

all bests,

David Clarke

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