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Subject: Re: Alabama Earthlights (revisited)
From: "sean_b_palmer" <sean@...>
Date: 06 Apr 2006 15:45

On Thu Apr 6, 2006 2:05 am, Wyatt Cox wrote: 

> Most of them are large and bright orange. The average
> sighting lasts from 1-3 munutes. On a "good" night
> two or three Earthlighs will be seen.

Roughly how far away from the lights were you, on average, when you
saw them? What's the closest that you managed to get to them?

As I say, the more details that you can provide, the better. Please
don't be afraid to send a single extremely long email to the list, for
example, detailing everything that you know about them. I've always
found it a bit frustrating not really living close to any area where
there have been long-term confirmed earth light reports, and try to
exhort people who do have such an opportunity to make the most of it
and record and share as much data about it as they can!

I realise, of course, however, that people are limited by time,
resources, and volition. If you'd like, I could prepare a large list
of questions for you that you could then answer one by one--perhaps
that would be helpful to enable you to remember aspects of the lights
that you'd forgotten about or overlooked?

> Any way, I have more info, if interested.

Very much so!


Sean B. Palmer,

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