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Subject: Re: Alabama Earthlights (revisited)
From: Aaron Cox <wyattknows@...>
Date: 5 Apr 2006 19:05


thanks for the quick response.

I was told about these Earthlights back in 1977 by a
friend who's mom had seen several of them on her
property in Luaderdale County. A friend and I spoke
to some witnesses who saw a large Earthlight (6-8 feet
in diameter) float a few feet above the ground in a
field near his house. This was in 1973. This is the
earliest sighting I can confirm.

Since then, we "narrowed down" the areas where they
can be seen. And in the process we have takne many
time-expouser photos and in Feb. of this year I made a
made a 2 minute video of a large Earthlight.

Most of them are large and bright orange. The average
sighting lasts from 1-3 munutes. On a "good" night
two or three Earthlighs will be seen. On one
occassion, we observed an Earthlight hover about
thirty feet above some train trackss for about three
minutes - and when a train approached about three
minutes later, it followed the train - at the same
speed until they were out of site.

While I no longer live in Alabama, I still go there
occassionally to observe the Earthlights and I have
permission from a land owner to use his property where
most of the Earthlights can be seen from.

The general area of the Earthlights is in Lauderdale
County -about five miles south of the Ala.-Tenn. State
Line - near Highway 17.

Any way, I have more info, if interested.

Wyatt Cox

--- sean_b_palmer <sean@...> wrote:

> On Wed Apr 5, 2006 8:08 pm, Wyatt Cox wrote: 
> > The Earhtlights are large and can be seen on an
> almost
> > predictable basis. I have a detailed log of
> sightings
> > since the late 1970s, time-expouser photos and a
> > recent video I shot.
> Great! Would you mind sharing more details with the
> group?
> I've already been through your past emails to the
> group, so I already
> know about the size of the lights and the connection
> to the railway
> tracks &c. Do you have any actual transcriptions of
> the logs, photos,
> trip reports, or other existing documentation? Have
> you put, or are
> you going to put, any of this information on the
> web?
> How many times have you seen the lights now, and how
> many times have
> you been on field trips to see them? Is the location
> well-known by
> others? Where exactly in Lauderdale County do they
> occur?
> If you don't feel comfortable discussing this in
> detail on the list,
> I'll contact you personally off-list.
> Cheers,
> -- 
> Sean B. Palmer,
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