Mysterylights Group Message 0385

Subject: Croxteth, Liverpool, UK Earth Light
From: "billbimson1" <billbimson1@...>
Date: 06 Apr 2006 01:41

Hi Sean,

I am new to this list, Dave Clarke reccomended it. Haven't found my 
way all the way around it yet, especially your website, but I 
certainly intend to. I have already found some stuff that I find very 

I examined a UFO case for MARA back in 2001 and the conclusion I came 
to was that it was an earth light, only because I couldn't find any 
other explanation for it. Would you mind having a look at the webpage 
sometime and let me know what you think? Its at If you need the video footage, 
I am sure we can arrange that in some format.


Bill Bimson

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