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Subject: Re: Getting Back
From: Peter Hassall <rowlf@...>
Date: 06 Apr 2006 11:35

sean_b_palmer wrote:

> > I am (slowly, but surely) compiling a database of reports
> > of meteors, ball lightnings, etc. near ships.
> Ooh, cool. What are you planning to do with this database? Is it
> online anywhere, or is it going towards research for some book or
> other project?

I eventually want to use it as a basis for a magazine article
and then (with the permission of the other researchers) put
the complete databas eon the WWW.

> > Thus I was delighted to find the old case at your site.
> The old case? To which case do you refer? Got specifics?

It was this one from 1867:

An Instance of Ball Lightning at Sea.
By Robert Seyboth, U.S. Weather Bureau.



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