Mysterylights Group Message 0383

Subject: Re: Alabama Earthlights (revisited)
From: "sean_b_palmer" <sean@...>
Date: 05 Apr 2006 19:42

On Wed Apr 5, 2006 8:08 pm, Wyatt Cox wrote: 

> The Earhtlights are large and can be seen on an almost
> predictable basis. I have a detailed log of sightings
> since the late 1970s, time-expouser photos and a
> recent video I shot.

Great! Would you mind sharing more details with the group?

I've already been through your past emails to the group, so I already
know about the size of the lights and the connection to the railway
tracks &c. Do you have any actual transcriptions of the logs, photos,
trip reports, or other existing documentation? Have you put, or are
you going to put, any of this information on the web?

How many times have you seen the lights now, and how many times have
you been on field trips to see them? Is the location well-known by
others? Where exactly in Lauderdale County do they occur?

If you don't feel comfortable discussing this in detail on the list,
I'll contact you personally off-list.


Sean B. Palmer,

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