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Subject: Re: The Mills Experiments
From: "sean_b_palmer" <sean@...>
Date: 05 Apr 2006 19:25

I wrote: 

> Dr. Mills published a subsequent paper in 2000 in the journal 
> Weather which outlines a new theory that, for safety reasons, 
> Dr. Mills is unable to test.

John Cowan has exhorted me to provide more information about this
paper, so here is the direct reference information: 

Mills, Dr. Allan A. (2000), Will-o'-the-wisp revisited. In 
"Weather", Vol. 55 No. 7, pp.239-240. (July 2000).

As to the content of the paper, I am given over to understanding that
it refers to impurities in a variant of phosphene which, as I already
mentioned, is highly toxic.


Sean B. Palmer,

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