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Subject: Re: Getting Back
From: "Peter Hassall" <peter.hassall@...>
Date: 5 Apr 2006 14:40

On 4/5/06, sean_b_palmer <sean@...> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> It's been over five years now since I first set up this mailing list,
> and thumbing through the members list I see a lot of old names that I
> haven't spoken to for many years now. The whole anomalous light thing
> is a kind of tertiary hobby for me, so I don't get as much time to
> spend on it as I'd sometimes like, but I have been hacking on the new
> site [1] recently and am doing a fair amount of research.

Sean, you may be interested in joining the Yahoo! group magonia_exchange -
members there post a variety of pre-1947 UFO reports (and a few reports of
mystery animals, falls from the sky, etc. from pre-1947 as well). There are
many ball llightning and ghost light reports among them.

Most of the reports have been unearthed by online or print archive research
of old newspapers.

I am (slowly, but surely) compiling a database of reports of meteors, ball
etc. near ships. I started with a magazine article by Gary Mangiacopra, and,
little bit through my own research but mostly through accounts posted to
magonia_exchange I have greatly expanded upon it. Thus I was delighted to
find the old case at your site.



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