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Subject: Re: Anomaly Archives in Austin, Texas needs
From: Psychic Towers Research Foundation <creed@...>
Date: 26 Sep 2005 10:13

Hi Paul and Miles

I've highlighted one part of Paul's interesting reply as I think he may be
in danger of missing the point...
Budden's view surely is that the vast majority  of us will not be affected
by growing exposure to electro magnetic radiation.  It is only a very small
minority - his 'hypersensitive individuals' that may be.  That's partly why
the Psychic Research Foundation set out to establish baselines of paranormal
experiences within a given geographic area (see and
follow links to 'surveys' for more information).  Our work here has only
been partly succesful - and our methodology has been criticised.  Some of
that criticism is valid and we need to refine methods, possibly link up with
others conducting similar work, and explore other avenues of research and

As Paul implies. resources and funding - and energy(!) - are limiting
factors.  Whilst there is enormous funding for research into (in the UK for
example) the physical effects of increased use of mobile phones, there is
nothing for investigation of much harder to pin down psychological impacts.
Interesting in an environment where at least there is little scientific
disagreement that incidences of schizophrenia are on the increase...

Patrick Bannon
Psychic Research Foundation

PS - also interested in talk of a library or archive - the Foundation has
collected a lot of visual material over recent years.  Many of the images
are clearly faked but often presented by subjects in good faith - a clear
example of individuals' affected by bizarre and disturbing experiences,
desperately trying to find 'real world' - or 'hardware-based' explanations
for them

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> Whether Budden is right that people are sensitive to Electromagnetic
> radiation, I think is missing a point.  Its unlikely that 'ordinary'
> low power EM radiation upsets our body, otherwise we'd be aware of it
> and always be sick when the TV is on.

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