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Subject: Re: Anomaly Archives in Austin, Texas needs On-Site Assistant Curator
From: "jp_hailey" <jp_hailey@...>
Date: 25 Sep 2005 19:55

Hi, is it Miles or S Miles

I've become more 'used' to the idea of electrical anomolies being 
difficult if not impossible to 'catch'. Our equipment is still in the 
stone age really, and good equipment needs a huge amount of 

I know Deveraux detected magnetic changes in 
Mexico, and in Hessdalen they did similarly.  In general at the VLF 
end (which is radio waves with very long wavelengths) it's populated 
by submarine transmitters, lightning strikes mostly from the equator, 
and things called 'whistlers' probably to do with the Earth's 
magnetic fields.

So listening to VLF, it sounds like frying sausages, with beeps and 
other sounds from VLF transmitters.  I have run vlf receivers during 
anomolous light events, but never saw / heard anything on VLF 
corresponding to the events, specifically a ball of light exploded 
about half a mile away, no detectable effects on my equipment.

But, I think if the phenomena is large in area, such as underground 
volcanic or other 'energies' then what Deveraux and others detect is 
really there, probably from VLF radio, upwards to higher frequencies 
and in the magnetic field changes as well... this is Persinger's 
field of interest, the Planet Earth certainly does things 

I do think people can be 'electrosensitive' as you call it. Several 
ufo or cropcircle researchers I have met are known for 'knowing' 
where lights are going to occur, so obviously something does change, 
but what is it? It's not necessarily a sensing of 'electric', more 
likely a psychic talent. After all, we're not 'voltmeters', our 
energy is in biological process and consciousness.

The problem is that things like 'chi', 'telepathy' are so difficult 
to scientifically test for, on a one off basis. Sure, statistically 
those such as Targ and Puthoff can demonstrate statistical confidence 
that things 'are so' by doing lots of repetitive experiments.

But to sit in a van in a field, as I have done, and try to catch 
elusive events on a 'one off' basis on equipment is difficult.  Even 
the Hessdalen crew have spent many years monitoring without firm 
conclusive results as to what causes earthlights / ufo's or even what 
they are.

Incidentally, anyone who just goes out and buys equipment, switches 
it on to monitor, is in for trouble.  Any instrument could possibly 
detect things its not supposed too, exampled by the way taxicabs 
break through on domestic radio's (or used to!).  I always tried to 
monitored the signals visually on an oscilloscope or computer screen, 
and for instance with VLF, the receiver will give really weird output 
sounds if tuned to a powerful submarine transmitter. These 
transmitters put out vast amounts of power using aerials miles long, 
and any overload from one of those comes through as aliens (?) 
certainly sounds odd when you listen to it.  

The same qualities exist inside one's head of course!  Things can 
happen to you, but its impossible to know if the source is inside or 
outside yourself. In fact, modern psychology says there is no firm 
edge to one's being, so its a hall of mirrors in the psyche.

I accept that lights and other associated events belong to a class of 
things similar to ghosts, where the evidence is experiential, and 
scientific frameworks do badly at unravelling the nature of it all. 

At some time we may develop new understanding, I hope so! because we 
basically live in a system we only know part of, we're busy messing 
up the planet already, and need to change our consciousness at least, 
before its too late.

It's to that end that I 'would' if I 'could', devote my time to 
consciousness things, but the support for all things solid depends on 
money, and we're stuck with a materialist's viewpoint usually.

Regarding Albert Budden, the Tesla framework is exciting but Tesla 
did not fully write up his works and much of it depends on opinion, 
rather like the Philadelphia experiment and its alleged 
teleportations.  People have said they have created antigravity 
machines, but I don't see them in the supermarket yet.

I'm sympathetic to the ideas, but for instance, take alien 
abductions. These are absolutely real to the experiencer, in terms of 
memories of events, yet we don't see nuts and bolts ET spacecraft 
around other than as alleged craft in ufo sightings.  

However, I have met people afflicted by such things, and certainly 
weird things happen to them, specially visitations by lights!

Whether Budden is right that people are sensitive to Electromagnetic 
radiation, I think is missing a point.  Its unlikely that 'ordinary' 
low power EM radiation upsets our body, otherwise we'd be aware of it 
and always be sick when the TV is on.  

Equally likely is that our consciousness is sensitive to other things 
we don't know about, I think EM as the sole possibility is too 
obvious, and obscures other interesting questions that can be asked. 

So it begs a question (my favourite) .. are we really in a 'Matrix' 
type of situation, like fish in water who can't realise the water is 
all around them. Certainly we have created our own civilisation, and 
few of us ever experience the world as it really is, when trees are 
not trees. (Anyone unfamiliar with that, read some Carlos Castaneda 

Its a sobering thought for instance, we are so proud of understanding 
(for 200 years or so!) the facts of blood circulation, but are 
ignorant of 'chi' energy and maybe in the West don't even believe 
those that say chi exists.  Yet I've felt chi at work, and China has 
worked with chi theory for millennia..

After 56 years on the planet, I personally think the reality we 
experience is far from the Truth, and this truth-gap allows for 
existence of all the anomolous events that you for one are keeping 
track of.


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