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Subject: Re: Anomaly Archives in Austin, Texas needs On-Site Assistant Curator
From: "jp_hailey" <jp_hailey@...>
Date: 24 Sep 2005 10:26

Hi Miles
Well I haven't seen Deveraux for years glad to know he's still active
(and middle aged like me!)

My contact was more Rodney Hale because we both 'do' electronics, its 
about time I got back to my lights interests but life keeps getting 
in the way

btw the Rival site within my consciousness centre site is where the 
weird events are, but its mostly 10 years back in time

Keep us posted about Anomoly Archives

Paul Hailey

--- In, "S Miles Lewis" 
<yahoolists@e...> wrote:
> Howdy Paul,
> Thank you so much for the reply! Great to hear from someone across 
> the pond. 
> Cool site by the way. I noticed your link to info on the Dragon 
> Project; we just hosted Paul Devereux for the Texas Ghost Lights 
> Conference here in Austin back in June.
> Also noticed your link to an article on psychotronics by Mr. 
> Krippner. Coincidentally, he's referred a potential applicant for 
> this Anomaly Archives opportunity. Krippner and I have crossed 
> a number of times in the last ten years. Nice fella.
> I hope to explore your site more soon. Thanks again for the 
> reply.
> SMiles
> --- In, "paul hailey" <p.hailey@v...> 
> wrote:
> > Hey Miles
> > Wish I could come and jump in, but I'm in the UK, not USA!
> >  
> > Otherwise I'd be there tomorrow, its my dream
> >  
> > Keep me posted, do you think I should now create a similar
> > org in Wiltshire UK? I'm totally in agreement with emphasis
> > on modern psychology and consciousness & anomaly
> >  
> > So if you have any UK people similarly interested in starting 
> > something
> > do keep me posted ,
> >  
> > My rather un-updated site is at
> >
> >  
> > Any UK serious people please show your faces!
> >  
> > Excited (?) Regards
> > Paul

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