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Subject: Re: Anomaly Archives in Austin, Texas needs On-Site Assistant Curator
From: "paul hailey" <p.hailey@...>
Date: 13 Sep 2005 10:55

--- In, "S Miles Lewis" 
<yahoolists@e...> wrote:
> Greetings from Austin, Texas.
> I'm SMiles Lewis, Founder and President of the Scientific Anomaly 
> Institute and its' Anomaly Archives lending library. We currently 
> have need of an Live-In, On-Site Volunteer / Intern Assistant 
Hey Miles
Wish I could come and jump in, but I'm in the UK, not USA!
Otherwise I'd be there tomorrow, its my dream
Keep me posted, do you think I should now create a similar
org in Wiltshire UK? I'm totally in agreement with emphasis
on modern psychology and consciousness & anomaly
So if you have any UK people similarly interested in starting 
do keep me posted ,
My rather un-updated site is at
Any UK serious people please show your faces!
Excited (?) Regards

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