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Subject: Anomaly Archives in Austin, Texas needs On-Site Assistant Curator
From: "S Miles Lewis" <yahoolists@...>
Date: 12 Sep 2005 19:33

Greetings from Austin, Texas.

I'm SMiles Lewis, Founder and President of the Scientific Anomaly 
Institute and its' Anomaly Archives lending library. We currently 
have need of an Live-In, On-Site Volunteer / Intern Assistant Curator 
for our library collections.

Below is a link to online listings for this Volunteer Job Description 
as well as the Job Description itself.

I hope someone out there can help us connect with someone either 
local or willing to relocate to Austin, Texas for this exciting 
Volunteer / Intern Opportunity to work in a library dedicated to the 
Parapsychological Mysteries of Consciousness, the Paranormal,  UFOs, 
Cryptozoology and beyond.

SMiles Lewis

On-Line Job Description with Pictures of the Human Potential Campus

Anomaly Archives On-Site Assistant Curator Job Description
On-Site Assistant Curator for the lending library of the Scientific 
Anomaly Institute

The Anomaly Archives has an opening for a live-in / on-site Assistant 
Curator for the specialized collections of the Scientific Anomaly 
Institute's lending library. This is a part-time, 12 month volunteer 
position with a desired start / move-in date of October 1, 2005.

Education and Experience: Minimum Qualifications
    - High School graduation or equivalent.
    - Previous experience in library or similar work.
    - Ability to devote 20 - 30 hours a week to the Anomaly Archives.
    - Ability to meet monthly on-site accommodations fee.
    - Computer experience.
    - Interest in Anomalous Phenomena.

Preferred Qualifications
    - Extensive knowledge of Fortean, cryptozoological, 
parapsychological and/or ufological phenomena.
    - Masters degree in Library Science or related field.
    - Cataloging / Data Entry experience.
    - Database management skills.
    - Scientific research experience.

Primary Duties: While residing on-site the Assistant Curator staffs 
the lending library for a preferred minimum of 20 pre-scheduled 
operational hours a week. Coordinates volunteer staffing of the 
lending library for additional operational hours beyond said minimum 
20 hour schedule. Assists in training of volunteers. Performs routine 
library clerk duties such as circulation, collections maintenance, 
cataloging, reference services. Serves as Committee Chair and/or 
Committee Member for certain relevant committees such as Collections 
Development, etc. Reports to the Executive Director, President and 
Board of Directors.

Environment: The Anomaly Archives lending library is located in 
within the main building of the Human Potential Center situated on 
the Human Potential Campus in the heart of South Austin. The campus 
is located on a quiet, beautiful culdesac off of Manchaca Boulevard.

The Human Potential Center is a nonprofit Fitness Center for the Mind 
and Heart. They offer programs designed to tap the creativity, the 
love and the playfulness of the human spirit.

The Center is based on the work of humanistic and transpersonal 
psychologists like Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow and Virginia Satir.

Rather than trying to convince you that any one technique or approach 
to personal growth is the best, they  aim to help you find and follow 
your own personal growth path.

The Human Potential Center hosts a couple of on-site residents who 
are a warm and friendly bunch. Find out more about the center at 
their website: <>

The Anomaly Archives Mission includes the preservation and 
dissemination of scientific research into anomalous phenomena, 
research and analysis of accumulated collections, and the education 
of the public regarding scientific investigations into these 

Services of the Lending Library Include:

    *     Free In-House Access to Materials for the Public
    *     Free Searches of Digitized Index, Bibliography and Virtual 
    *     Lending Library for Membership Discounted Membership with 
Partnered Organizations
    *     Research Services for the Public (Discounts for Membership)
    *     Discounted Services for Archives Membership & Partnered 
    *     Interlibrary Loan with Participating Libraries for Archives 
    *     Discounted Membership & Services for Donated Collections
    *     On-line access to digitized collections for Membership

On-Site Living Accommodations are within an upstairs unit located on 
the Human Potential Campus in South Austin. The on-site living fee is 
$400 per month (possibly flexible) for the small Anomaly Archives 
Offices in the "apartment" above the future home of the current 
collections. Current collections of the Anomaly Archives lending 
library are on-site in the main building of the Human Potential 

Find Out More about the Scientific Anomaly Institute and it's Anomaly 
Archives lending library at our websites: 
<> and <>

To Apply: Contact SMiles Lewis at the email / snail mail below. 
Include resume, contact information for three references, and a 
letter of interest.

Snail Mail: Anomaly Archives, 2011 Bert Avenue, Austin, Texas 78704.

Email: <mailto:archivist@...>

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