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Subject: Texas Ghost Lights Conference
From: "elfismiles" <yahoolists@...>
Date: 24 May 2005 04:45

Howdy from Austin, Texas.

I'm SMiles Lewis, founder of the Anomaly Archives lending library in Austin=
. We're hosting 
the Texas Ghost Lights Conference this June and I think your group might be=
 interested in 
the four researchers who will be presenting their data. See details below..=


The Texas Ghost Lights Conference
Saturday, June 11th, 2005 - Austin Texas

The Marfa Lights in West Texas and the Bragg Light of the Big Thicket have =
countless legends of restless spirits. But there is a growing body of evide=
nce that, far from 
being mere curiosities, or the stuff of folklore, the Texas mystery lights =
constitute a 
genuine scientific anomaly.

Whether they are called fireballs, ghost lights, spook lights, earth lights=
, or mystery lights, 
these unexplained spooky luminosities are surprisingly numerous.  Lights of=
origin are known to recur in specific locations in North Carolina, Missouri=
, California, 
Washington, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Ghost light locations in the British I=
sles, Norway, 
Japan, and Australia have also been extensively documented.

Investigators regard the lights as a little understood aspect of the earth'=
s electromagnetic 
energy field. But they could be a global phenomenon of paradigm-shifting si=
They sometimes behave peculiarly, as if they are interacting with human obs=
ervers like 
curious animals. This may be why the ancient Celtic peoples regarded the li=
ghts as fairies, 
and why the shamans of some cultures sought out the locations of the lights=
 as entrances 
to the spirit world. Recurring ghost lights could hold clues to a dimension=
 of Nature that is 
rarely even suspected in the modern age.

Texas is likely to play a key role in emerging earth mysteries research. Ac=
cording to 
Japanese physicist Dr. Yoshi-Hiko Ohtsuki, there are more sightings of myst=
ery lights in 
Texas than anywhere else in the world.

On June 11, Natural Awakenings =96 Austin, with the association of Anomaly =
Archives, will 
present "The Texas Ghost Lights Conference" from 2:00 =96 8:00 pm at the Fi=
rst Unitarian 
Universalist Church at 4700 Grover in Austin. You will learn the latest abo=
ut this curious 
phenomenon from four leading authorities on ghost lights, complete with pho=
and video displays.

Renowned British author, lecturer, and broadcaster, Paul Devereux, is an ex=
researcher dealing mainly with consciousness studies and ancient sacred sit=
es. He is the 
author of Earth Lights Revelation, Fairy Paths & Spirit Roads, Re-Visioning=
 the Earth, and 
numerous other scholarly articles and books. He will explain why the lights=
 have much to 
teach our physicists and remarkable lessons to teach all of us.

Nick Redfern is the author of the books A Covert Agenda:The FBI Files; Cosm=
ic Crashes; 
Strange Secrets; Three Men Seeking Monsters; and the forthcoming Body Snatc=
hers In The 
Desert. He is the Editor of the newsstand magazine, Phenomena. Nick has unc=
intriguing official British Government files on unidentified luminous pheno=
mena and ghost 
lights that date back nearly a century, and will be discussing this never-b=
efore-seen data 
at the conference. 

James Bunnell is the author of two books on the Marfa Lights, Seeing Marfa =
Lights and 
Night Orbs.  He is an aeronautical and mechanical engineer and retired in 2=
000 from BAE 
Systems as Director of Mission Solutions for U.S. Air Force Programs. He wi=
ll present a 
fascinating video slide show of photographs taken from two monitoring stati=
ons he set up 
that illustrate his contention that the Marfa Lights constitute a deep-rich=
mystery that never ceases to amaze those who take time to investigate. 

Rob Riggs is the Editor of Natural Awakenings =96 Austin, the author of In =
the Big Thicket: 
Exploring Nature's Mysterious Dimension, and contributed chapters on unexpl=
phenomena, ancient mysteries and the Texas Ghost Lights in Weird Texas, to =
be published 
later this year by Barnes & Noble. He has appeared on Art Bell's Coast to C=
oast and 
numerous radio shows discussing the ghost lights and other mysteries of the=
 Big Thicket.

S. Miles Lewis of the Anomaly Archives (lending library of the Scientific A=
nomaly Institute) 
will be the moderator of the event, which will include a panel discussion a=
nd question and 
answer session.=20 


The price for admission to this fascinating six hour event is only $25. 

Tickets go on sale April 11, and there is limited seating available.=20 

For ticket information, or to get detailed bios and photos of the presenter=
s, call 
(512) 326-4100

or e-mail <austineditor@...>

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