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Subject: Re: exactly what can and cannot an earthlight do
From: Aaron Cox <wyattknows@...>
Date: 1 May 2005 19:29

From wyatt cox

Earthlights are mistaken for a "UFO" on many
occasions.  Earthlights do vary in size, luminosity,
color, etc.   The Earthlights seen in northern Alabama
are about 8 feet in diameter and are very bright.  By 
definition they are UFOs.  But they do not project
light beams, produce noise, have solid form, etc. 
They are balls of visible energy that are produced via
natural  processes (albeit not fully understood
processes)and are seen in the same area year after
year.  There is no paranormal phenomena reported in
association with these Earthlights.

During the 1973 UFO flap in Alabama, I suspect many of
these UFOs were Earthlights, and not physical objects.
 These Earthlights have been routinely seen for more
than three decades.  Many photos have been taken and
they seem very similar to those in Norway.

--- Peter Hassall <stunts@...> wrote:
> Mike Williams wrote:
> > The main problem with eartlights is this.
> > Whats the difference between an "earthlight" and
> just a straight out
> > anomalous light that is often classified<badly> as
> a ufo.
> > If an "earthlight" can have a
> structure/shape/pulsating lights/and
> > project light beams/react to the
> thoughts+movements of the observers
> > etc  it then its seems to me that by using the
> monicker "eartlight" it
> >
> > removes the stigma associated with normal unusual
> aerial
> > phenomena<ufo>.
> > What does the "earthlight" have to do or display
> to separate itself
> > from  being just a ufo.
> > Because at the moment it sems an "earthlight" can
> do/be anything the
> > researcher wants it to be.
> >
> I think earthlights (much like UFOs) are more than
> one thing.
> There are such a variety of sizes, colours, shapes,
> behaviours,
> etc. that I am sure there is more than one cause.
> Even "ordinary" ball lightning has at least two
> distinct types:
> Silent, causes no damage, usually seen in calm
> conditions &
> noisy, causes damage (or injury or death), usually
> seen in
> storm conditions. Also ball lightning has three ways
> to pass
> through glass windows: goes through like a ghost
> with no
> visible damage, melts a hole through, or punches a
> hole through
> (like a baseball would)!
> Ball lightning, UFOs, earthlights, spook lights,
> ghost lights,
> etc.are all intermixed and given interchangeable
> labels!
> Regards,
> Peter
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