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Subject: Re: exactly what can and cannot an earthlight do
From: Peter Hassall <stunts@...>
Date: 24 Apr 2005 13:18

Mike Williams wrote:

> Hi Peter
> > Ball lightning, UFOs, earthlights, spook lights, ghost lights,
> > etc.are all intermixed and given interchangeable labels!
> Ball lightning due its short period of existence< in most cases> can
> be
> separated from the others.

True, but BL reports can often be mixed up in reports of wandering
ghost lights and spook lights. I presume you mean individual BL reports
as distinct from particular reoccurring BOLs reported over many, many
decades in one place e.g. the Hornet Spooklight?

> Thats my point.There are no clear parameters for the definition.
> And for the all the claims of charateristics for "earth lights"
> I cannot for the life of me separate the truly odd "earthlight"
> behaviour/qualities from  standard ufo`s.

I agree. It is all open to interpretation and nebulous. I
highly recommend William Corliss' book:

Lightning, Auroras, Nocturnal Lights: A Catalog of Geophysical Anomalies

Nothing catches the human eye and imagination as quickly as a
mysterious light. All down recorded history, scientists and
laymen alike have been seeing strange lightning, sky flashes,
and unaccountable luminous objects.
Typical subjects covered:
Horizon-to-horizon sky flashes * Episodes of luminous mists *
Mountain-top glows (Andes glow) * Earthquake lights * Ball
lightning with tails * Rocket lighting * Lightning from a clear sky
* Ghost lights; ignis fatuus * Darting streaks of light (sleeks)
* The milky sea and light wheels * Radar-stimulated
phosphorescence of the sea * Double ball lightning * Luminous
phenomena in tornados * Black auroras * [Picture caption:
Luminous display over Mt. Noroshi during earthquake swarm]
Comments from reviews "...the book is well-written and in
places quite fascinating", Science Books.
248 pages, hardcover, $16.95, 74 illustrations, 5 indexes, 1982.
1070 references, LC 82-99902, ISBN 915554-09-7, 7x10 format.

(see )



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