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Subject: Re: exactly what can and cannot an earthlight do
From: Peter Hassall <stunts@...>
Date: 20 Apr 2005 16:44

Mike Williams wrote:

> The main problem with eartlights is this.
> Whats the difference between an "earthlight" and just a straight out
> anomalous light that is often classified<badly> as a ufo.
> If an "earthlight" can have a structure/shape/pulsating lights/and
> project light beams/react to the thoughts+movements of the observers
> etc  it then its seems to me that by using the monicker "eartlight" it
> removes the stigma associated with normal unusual aerial
> phenomena<ufo>.
> What does the "earthlight" have to do or display to separate itself
> from  being just a ufo.
> Because at the moment it sems an "earthlight" can do/be anything the
> researcher wants it to be.

I think earthlights (much like UFOs) are more than one thing.
There are such a variety of sizes, colours, shapes, behaviours,
etc. that I am sure there is more than one cause.

Even "ordinary" ball lightning has at least two distinct types:
Silent, causes no damage, usually seen in calm conditions &
noisy, causes damage (or injury or death), usually seen in
storm conditions. Also ball lightning has three ways to pass
through glass windows: goes through like a ghost with no
visible damage, melts a hole through, or punches a hole through
(like a baseball would)!

Ball lightning, UFOs, earthlights, spook lights, ghost lights,
etc.are all intermixed and given interchangeable labels!



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