Mysterylights Group Message 0355

Subject: exactly what can and cannot an earthlight do
From: "Mike Williams" <ozestrange@...>
Date: 14 Apr 2005 07:38

Two quick points.
I have the excellent book by Andrew collins.
The only problem I see with meditation/photo results is the following.
I used to capture the exact same black balls as Collins did when I used 
to repeat Constable/Bocconnes ired experiments.
I would get the "results" whilst eating chocolate/reading/talking about 
nothing etc.
Now if I had meditated and achieved the same "results" could I have 
claimed that the black things in the air were due to my thougth 
The main problem with eartlights is this.
Whats the difference between an "earthlight" and just a straight out 
anomalous light that is often classified<badly> as a ufo.
If an "earthlight" can have a structure/shape/pulsating lights/and 
project light beams/react to the thoughts+movements of the observers 
etc  it then its seems to me that by using the monicker "eartlight" it 
removes the stigma associated with normal unusual aerial phenomena<ufo>.
What does the "earthlight" have to do or display to separate itself 
from  being just a ufo.
Because at the moment it sems an "earthlight" can do/be anything the 
researcher wants it to be. 


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