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Subject: PRESS RELEASE for Member's New Book
From: "Leonore Sweet, Ph.D." <leonoresweet@...>
Date: 20 Jan 2005 15:46

For Immediate Release=09
Hampton Roads Publishing Co. 
"For the Evolving Human Spirit"
434-296-2772, ext. 20=09=09=09=09=09=09


Do you ever wonder why your photographs have unusual clouds or 
circles of light in them?  Are you ready to throw the photos away and 
take a photography course?  Perhaps it's not you=97or the

Consider the possibility that you are photographing the paranormal.=20 
Dr. Leonore Sweet did and, as she writes in How to Photograph the 
Paranormal, discovered a whole world of "orbs, vortexes and 
ectoplasm", paranormal light forms that have existed for

Having had a life-long interest in the spiritual world, Dr. Sweet 
first discovered the existence of these lights at the death of her 
sister's dog.  She became fascinated at their appearance in her 
photographs and began taking more pictures to see if the phenomena 
would be repeated.  It was=97over and over. Further research led
her to discover that light forms have been seen in all parts of the 
world for centuries and referred to by many different names.  They 
have been described by psychics, near-death experiencers, and 
hypnotized subjects.  She found descriptions in literature on angels, 
aliens,UFOs, ghosts, religion, crop circles, physics, and thought-

So what are these light forms?  Dr. Sweet examines the many theories 
that surround the orbs and what they may be trying to communicate.=20 
Her conclusion as to their origin and their purpose is both startling 
and thought provoking.

In this entertaining and instructive book, Dr. Sweet teaches the 
reader how, when, and where to photograph and interact with these 
intelligent life forms that are all around us. It is ideal for ghost 
hunters and others who want to research this `other-world'
for themselves.  Illustrated with dozens of photographs, many in 
color,How to Photograph the Paranormal is everyone's guide to 
investigating the paranormal world.

Visit her website at

January 2005 Body Mind Spirit =95 ISBN 1-57174-411-8 =95 Trade paper 

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