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Subject: Re: Cloudbusters and Earthlights
From: "Ronald" <rdkramarz@...>
Date: 23 Nov 2004 08:53

"jp_hailey" <jp_hailey@y...> wrote in part on Sep 23:
>.....I was at Andy Collin's 1993 exploits with Tony Beddoes
>and his cloudbuster. Its certainly an impressive sight to see it
>set up and 'running' (whatever that means!)

>I've got a pic of when Tony set up the cloudbuster at Avebury, (was
>it?) on my home page at see the
>pic, and link to the page I did for the my version of Orgone 94
>memories. Andy Collins put it all in 'Alien Energy' which is recently
>re-published - I can recommend it as a good example of getting people
>together to help things 'occur'.

>I think any mindful human inner activity within reason, can trigger
>interactions with the environment. During Andy's experiments with
>meditating groups a number of weird events happened, I wrote some of
>these up in my own 'Morse' research, I got to park my van at the foot
>of the hill Andy was working from and monitored electronic stuff.

>So.... yes, from Reichs reports, weird distortions of environment
>happen - I can't get far understanding what goes on, but I've had
>things happen around me which are outside of scientific paradigm.
>Helps me to keep faith in my intuitions about 'the world'

Hi Paul,
I got the book "Alien Energy", interesting to note that about the same
number of unusual effects were accomplished with doing meditations
as with the cloudbuster.   In Thomas Bearden's book on the paranormal,
titled "Excalibur Briefing" he notes that many ufo sighting may be the
result of unintentional concentrations of orgone energy being accumulated
in one area by our own strong emotions, both positive and negative.

He writes:
"In 1973 the Yom Kippur war took place.....At  one point, when the
Israelis cut off an Egyptian army in the desert, the Soviets notified the
U.S. over the hot line that Soviet forces were going in and the U.S.
could do whatever it pleased. The Soviets loaded and readied seven
airborne divisions to insert, and the U.S. readied it's single airborne
division to send it. So the world teetered on the brink of direct ground
confrontation between the Soviet Union and the U.S., with all its
possible consequences.

.... In that very month, October, that the Yom Kippur War erupted, the
greatest wave of UFO contactee cases in history broke out in the U.S."

Ronald comment: So it seems on a large scale strong emotions, especially on
a national or global scale, can cause orgone concentrations to accumulate
and lock into patterns which are not only visible, but can be molded into
some "reality format" as Bearden calls it, which could be alien spacecraft.
For some reason October seems to be a month when there seems to be
more orgone available for these concentrations to occur, strong enough to
become visible.

On a more positive note it was in October of 1917 when the "Miracle of the
Sun" occurred in Fatima, Portugal.   Over 70,000 people were gathered in
that area to witness the predicted "sign" the Blessed Virgin Mary reported
to the 3 Fatima children She would give so the people would gain belief in
the Apparitions which were occurring there.    I believe it's the the strong
emotional faith those people had that this would actually happen that
caused enough earth plasmas to accumulate in that spot and that "opened"
that window into that dimension, and produced the various effects to
occur on that day.

So our own mental emotional tuning determines what we experience, which
can be Heavenly Apparitions which put people into a state of ecstasy or
alien terror which pulls people out of their homes into some alien lab to be
experimented on.   Another motivation to think more positive.


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