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Subject: Re: Cloudbusters and Earthlights
From: "jp_hailey" <jp_hailey@...>
Date: 23 Sep 2004 23:29

Hi Ronald and all
This is my first post here - Sean knows I exist!  I was at Andy 
Collin's 1993 exploits with Tony Beddoes and his cloudbuster. Its 
certainly an impressive sight to see it set up and 'running' 
(whatever that means!) 

I've got a pic of when Tony set up the cloudbuster at Avebury, (was 
it?) on my home page at see the 
pic, and link to the page I did for the my version of Orgone 94 
memories. Andy Collins put it all in 'Alien Energy' which is recently 
re-published - I can recommend it as a good example of getting people 
together to help things 'occur'. 

I think any mindful human inner activity within reason, can trigger 
interactions with the environment.  During Andy's experiments with 
meditating groups a number of weird events happened, I wrote some of 
these up in my own 'Morse' research, I got to park my van at the foot 
of the hill Andy was working from and monitored electronic stuff.

So.... yes, from Reichs reports, weird distortions of environment 
happen - I can't get far understanding what goes on, but I've had 
things happen around me which are outside of scientific paradigm. 
Helps me to keep faith in my intuitions about 'the world'

I'm glad to see people getting together on LITS / earth mystery, I 
would like to do more experiments, but sadly I'm out of employment 
and it costs too much.

Do have a look at my site though, its got some good unusual reports 
of UFO/ orbs events in the UK [in the Rival section], some of which I 
saw myself.


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