Mysterylights Group Message 0346

From: Psychic Towers Research Foundation
Date: 22 Sep 2004 15:11

The Foundation is pleased to announce that our current artist in residence,
Julian Claxton, has secured a place in Cumbria's forthcoming FRED Festival.
The Festival takes place at locations all over Cumbria from 1st - 10th
October (more information available from the Fold gallery at or the festival site

For the festival, Julian will be re-enacting the famous 1964 'Solway
spaceman' incident when a local fireman found an anomolous space suited
alien figure on a family snap.  Widely considered to be a hoax, Julian will
restage the incident using period materials and equipment adopting a variety
of hoax strategies that have been put to him by national and international
ufo experts, the local press and local people.  This will take place on 9
October on Burgh Marshes near Carlisle.

Julian's current exhibition (documentation of the activities of the Hotwells
UFO Watchers Association) has been extended for a further month (to the end
of September).  This is being shown at the pub where the Group meets - the
Plume of Feathers, Hotwells Road before touring to Sheffield, liverpool and

The next artist in residence, Kuunte Howell is due to arrive in November.

The Foundation is now seeking proposals for the next residency (due to run
from March 2005).  Initial expressions of interest with CV and 12
slides/jpegs should be sent to us at the Psychic Research Foundation, Space
75, Spike Island 133 Cumberland Road, Bristol BS1 6UX or via the above
e-mail address.

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