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Subject: Cloudbusters and Earthlights
From: "Ronald" <rdkramarz@...>
Date: 20 Sep 2004 07:19

Are there ways to "stimulate" earthlight activity?  Cloudbusters invented by
Wilheim Reich in the 1950's have been reported to do just that, the below
web page writes:
"Andrew Collins and British colleagues initiated scientific investigations
in 1993 and 1994 to test Reich's theories. They even used a
"mini-cloudbuster" to stimulate potential UFO and paranormal activity, and
participants did report odd sightings and experiences, and unexplained
photographic images were obtained as well."

It also writes of Reich's experiences when he pointed the cloudbusters at
mysterylights he observed during cloudbuster operations, it writes:
"But from October 5 to the 9th, Reich and his staff reportly saw UFOs again
above Orgonon during continued weather engineering efforts with the
cloudbuster. At approx. 7 p.m., on the night of October 10, a large red
light appeared in the western sky over Bald Mountian. This proved to be too
much of a temptation, and the cloudbuster was aimed directly at it whereupon
the light "jumped" upwards! Then, as Eva, Reich's daughter, and the
cloudbuster operator at the time watched, the light diminished in size and
then sank below the horizon. Later that night, around 7:30 p.m., a yellow
light appeared in the western sky and after aiming the cloudbuster at it for
about two minutes it faded out. Then it, or a similar light, came back for
two more visits. On the last visit it was reportedly accompanied by three
other objects, with the cloudbuster again aimed at them, all four
disappearing in the very same instant."

The below web pages gives a good description on the operations theories
behind the cloudbusters, it writes:
"Reich theorized that the grounded pipes "drew" orgone energy from the
atmosphere into the water. External physical manifestations, fully
observable, support this concept..... Based upon field experience since
1968, in a broad spectrum of successful weather engineering operations, the
author of this article has formulated the modern concept of CLB functioning.
This concept envisions the CLB as functioning in the opposite fashion to
that theorized by Dr. Reich. The history of the electrical sciences confirms
the ease with which fundamental polarity errors can be made in a new
         The modern concept holds that the CLB pipes shoot coherent beams of
orgone energy into the atmosphere and beyond, to a theoretically infinite
distance. The modern concept sees each draw pipe as analogous to the
generator of a laser beam, except that the projected energy from the CLB is
invisible and Bioenergetic instead of electromagnetic.
 This analogy gives adequate understanding of the enormous power of a CLB. A
CLB can be equated with a laser "battery," consisting of an array of
powerful EM beams, equivalent in number to the pipes in the CLB."

Ronald comment: So by increasing subtle energy concentrations he the
atmosphere, which Reich termed orgone, it seems to supply the added
energy necessary to make those energy patterns visible to the eye.


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